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When I was 8, I was always the last one picked for dodgeball. Now at 29, I'm training for my first Ironman.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Early Bird Gets the Crappy Weather

Just looked outside and noticed that the sun is shining and birds are chirping.  Really?  After I toughed it out in the misty, cold, dreary fog to get my bike ride done this am?  Ugh!  Oh well.  Mental toughness, right?

Training has been going well since the water aerobics debacle on Wednesday.  Ran 10 miles yesterday am and had a short swim at the pool last night.  My legs felt tired on the run but I still kept a decent pace.  I felt strong in the pool.  Got my bike ride in this morning so I officially completed all of my weekday workouts this week.

Should be a fun weekend - Sanger Blossom Trail 10K tomorrow followed by a 16ish mile run on Sunday and a long (at least 2 hour) bike ride on Sunday with friends.  The weather is supposed to be gorgeous too.  Woo hoo!

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