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Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Better Outlook

My last post might have been a bit negative.  I apologize.  Wildflower Long Course will apparently do that to you.

But it's been a good week.  I'm doing a bunch of short workouts to try to allow myself to recover while still getting back into the swing of two-a-day workouts.  I'm also trying to transition my focus to cycling and bricks.  So here's what I've done:

M: Rested
T: am - Swam 2000m at the gym
    pm - Ran 5 miles at the track with Team
W: am - Ran 6 miles of figure 8's
      pm - Swam 35 minutes at the lake then transitioned to a quick 30 minute bike ride
Th: am - Rode 1 hour easy and did a quick transition to a 1 mile run

I'm going to run tonight and then either swim or bike tomorrow morning.

Saturday is a long run with Team and Sunday is an adventure bike ride up to Bass Lake to visit my mom and Grandma for Mother's Day : )

Most importantly, I had a good talk with my friend/advisor/cheerleader Kelly last night.  It's her fault I signed up for this anyway.  She looked so happy and smily when she did Vineman last year it made me think I could do it.  I was starting to think she might have had drugs, so I asked for some.  Just kidding.

We talked about how it's so important to have a good attitude about this and that if you're not having fun, then there's really no point.  She reminded me that when I signed up for Ironman, I envisioned training being nothing more than playing outside with my friends.  And that race day is really going to be the reward for all of that.  And that I might even suffer some post-partum depression when it's all over (I kind of doubt it).  She also reassured me that I am not going to die (or at least it's highly unlikely), so I just need to embrace it and keep a smile on my face.  And it wouldn't hurt to ride my bike more. : )

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