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Friday, May 18, 2012

It's coming together...

Ironman training has a lot of similarities to training for the bar exam ... long hours of stuff that makes you uncomfortable, comraderie with insane people, a little too much time inside your own head, weirdos at public facilities (whether they be gym pools or libraries), accomplishments on a grand scale ... and this week I found one more similarity ... that moment where it all starts coming together.

When I was studying for the bar exam, I'd heard about it from other students and even other bloggers that I followed.  This moment a few weeks before the exam where the panic calmed down and you had this sudden peaceful realization that (a) you probably weren't going to die and (b) it's almost over.  And even better that (c) you might actually fare better than you initially thought.  I remember that moment distinctly when I was studying for the bar.  I was floating around the pool at our apartment complex, slowly reciting the elements of something I don't remember anymore to myself, and I was suddenly impressed with myself and felt calm.  I wasn't just taking the bar exam, I was going to pass.

It happened again last night.  But let me back up ...

It's been an impressive week training wise. 

On Saturday, I ran 19 easy miles with my Team.  Perfect training for the slower-than-normal miles I will undoubtedly run on June 24th.

On Sunday, I rode my bike to Bass Lake to see my Grandma and mom for Mother's Day.  There was nothing easy about that ride, but I got through it and felt strong.  Except for when Kurtze had to change my tire for me.  But we'll get back to that.

This is right after the worst climb and right before I told Kurtze it was only a mile or 2 more.  It was actually 5.

Woo hoo!  We made it! And my mom knows my friends are just as crazy as I am!

See how they're looking at me like I'm crazy?

On Monday, I started the day with a 4000m swim in the gym pool.  4000m.  Also known as 2.4 miles.  Also known as the Ironman swim.  And I was fine.  I felt strong.  I went and worked all day and then got on my bike and rode 32 miles to and from Sheri's roadhouse - a decently hill ride.  Either as a result of good conversation or just me getting stronger, the climbs felt easy.  I even ran a couple miles after I hopped off the bike.

On Tuesday, I went to the lake in the morning with Andrea and a couple of people from the tri club.  The three of them are phenomenal swimmers.  I was immediately half a mile behind.  But it was so amazing to try to chase them.  Even with the humbling experience, I felt strong.  That evening, I went out for a quick bike ride before the Team in Training track workout.  And I got a flat tire.  I was alone.  Just me, my flat tire, a new tube and a CO2 cartridge.  And I did it.  I didn't even get frustrated and it didn't even seem to take that long.  As I quickly rode home, changed into my running clothes and hustled over to the track to get in some fun miles with Team.  I couldn't stop smiling all night.  I had changed my own tire.  Check that off the list of things that would not prevent me from becoming an Ironman on June 24th.

On Wednesday, I ran a hard figure 8 (a hilly mile loop) workout with my usual group in the morning and decided to give myself a mental health night off.  I hadn't wandered around Target in a really long time : )

On Thursday, I ran our usual 10 mile loop in the morning, went to get a proper bike fitting and a new saddle at Rubber Soul at lunch, and then at 4pm yesterday ventured out on our very own triathlon - We called it Court to Condo to Chipotle .... or the Triple C Tri.  Jason, Kelly and I swam about 3/4 of the way across Millerton and back ... then Kelly and I transitioned to the bike and had a very windy 15 mile bike ride home (new fit and saddle are amazing by the way) ... then at my house we transitioned again and ran to Chipotle for dinner (where I had parked my car).  It was so much fun. 

Smiling at the Start of the First Annual Court to Condo to Chipotle Tri

Still smiling at the Finish of the Triple C Tri.  We were pretty excited that we both made it on the podium.

And sitting there at Chipotle, in sweaty tri clothes and scarfing down a burrito, it hit me.  I'm going to be an Ironman.  Because I can run 19 miles without thinking about it.  Because I can ride my bike to Bass Lake.  Because I can swim 2.4 miles - 160 laps - in a boring gym pool.  Because I conquered my fear of swimming to the point that I swim in a lake - for fun.  Because I can change a freaking flat tire on my bike.  Because I can swim, bike and run for a few hours on a random Thursday night just for the hell of it.  Yup, this is why I signed up to do this.  Because it's fun to know that I can and will be an Ironman. 36 days to go.

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