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When I was 8, I was always the last one picked for dodgeball. Now at 29, I'm training for my first Ironman.

Monday, May 7, 2012

What I learned on the Wildflower Long Course...

  1. I am not ready for Ironman.
  2. I hate riding my bike.  Unless I'm with fun people like Kelly Irwin or Dave Kurtze or Jason Miller, and they are going slow enough for me to keep up : )
  3. I hate riding my bike up hills.
  4. My swimming has improved. (3 minutes faster this year than at Barb's Race last summer)
  5. Improvements in swimming will not make or break the day at Ironman.
  6. My cycling has not improved. (3:29 on the relatively easy Barb's Race course last year.  4:30 on the Wildflower course this year)
  7. My cycling probably hasn't improved because I hate riding my bike.
  8. I love running, but running hurts after riding your bike.
  9. I love running, but running hurts after running two marathons in the previous three weeks and then riding your bike for 56 miles. (2:46 half marathon which is pretty much the slowest I've run, like ever.  Barb's Race last year was 1:54)
  10. I am not willing to forego marathons to seriously train for a triathlon.  I like marathons.  I don't like triathlons. 
  11. I might not make the cycling cut-off at Ironman.
  12. I will be wearing cycling shorts for Ironman.  Even 56 miles on the bike hurt in tri shorts. Like, I-may-never-be-able-to-have-children hurt.
  13. I might die at Ironman.
  14. I hate transition Nazis who yell at you for being the rookie who doesn't know the right direction to rack your bike.
  15. I hate triathlons.  Like, I just don't care enough about triathlons or cycling to make myself work hard like I do with running.  As I was walking a good half of the run course, I was seriously saying unhelpful mantras out loud like "This is stupid" and "I don't care" and "F*$! this S&*%"
  16. I hate Wildflower, mostly because they don't have enough porta-potties on their run course.  I won't go until details here.  I may have eaten too much on the never-ending bike ride. (See snack box before ride)  Just sayin'

17.  I hate hills, especially when you have to ride your bike up them. And down them.
18.  I should wear more or better sunblock.

19.  I should wear body glide before putting my wet suit on.

20. I need to ride my bike every day between now and June 24th.
21.  I need to run at least 15 minutes after getting off my bike everytime I ride my bike between now and June 24th.
22.  I like s'mores.
23.  I might die on June 24th.

So yeah, it was a great weekend.  [Heavy sarcasm intended]

This is after we finished.  Jason looks really happy because (a) he rocked it and (b) he'd had an hour to rest while waiting for me to finish.

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