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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Early Bird gets to eat Naan

10 mile run followed by a 1500m swim this morning meant I was done for the day by 7:30! Happy to be able to do something other than workout after work tonight : )

Both workouts were good.  Started out slow on the run but picked it up as we went along and had a decent overall pace.  Decided to do the shortest swim on my schedule this week (supposed to be for tomorrow) since I just swam last night - the main set was 20x50 alternating hard and easy efforts and resting for 10 seconds in between.  I definitely felt like my arms were tired from last night and my legs were tired from the run, but I pushed through and felt strong over all. 

Of course there was a guy doing butterfly next to me again and I swear I think I saw that same bandaid still floating around ...

Happy Thursday!  Indian buffet is on the menu for lunch and a real (as in not trainer) bike ride with friends is on the agenda tomorrow morning after a swim ...and maybe another run : ) Lots to look forward to!

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