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Monday, February 27, 2012

I Heart My Bike .. No really .. I'm serious.

So I'm happy to report that I'm actually beginning to love my bike.  Seriously.   I have a shirt that says that but friends tease me for wearing it since I have somewhat of an aversion to my bike.  But, I'm really starting to believe it's possible. 

I went for a fun 2 hour ride with friends on Friday, a beautiful 2 hour ride in Santa Barbara on Saturday and then an hour all by myself right after the sun came up this morning.  That was a big deal - going all by myself.  It meant that if I had a flat tire or something, it would be up to me to fix it.  I've never gone by myself before exactly for that reason.  Over 5 hours and 75 miles of riding in 4 days - So yea me : )  I also feel like I'm getting a little faster, learning better technique from the friends I ride with, and just overall gaining confidence on the bike.  When I woke up on Sunday morning, I was actually a little bummed that it was a run day and not another bike day ... but that's also probably because I had to run 20 miles : )

Back to the pool tonight for more swimming and it's almost time to head to the lake... I bought my annual pass today : )

Weekly Totals for Last Week (2/20 - 2/26):
Swim: 2:00, 4150m
Bike: 5:10, 72 miles
Run: 7:12, 42 miles
Total: 14:22, 116.6 miles

Cumulative Total for Weeks 1-3:
Swim: 5:35, 15,050m
Bike: 10:10, 147 miles
Run: 21:42, 115.5 miles
Total: 37:27, 271.9 miles

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