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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Slacking Off?

Ok, I may have been slacking off with the blogging, but I've been pretty good with the training.

Here's what you've missed since my epic swim last week:

Thursday 2/16:
  • Run: 10 miles

Friday 2/17:
  • Swim: Awesome 1500m swim (good karma for the Wednesday debacle)
  • Bike: Awesome 60 min bike ride on the road (braved the cold!) with 4x 8 min hard intervals
Beautiful Ride in San Diego
Saturday 2/18:
  • Bike: Fun 2 hour bike ride in San Diego - got some good climbing in on the way to Cabrillo State Monument
The hill (on Hill St.) I went UP and DOWN.  Awful up, terrifying down. 

Sunday 2/19:
  • Run: 12 miles
Monday 2/20: Nothing.  Nearly struck dead with the common cold.

Tuesday 2/21: Still recovering but...
  • Bike: 1 hour on the trainer
  • Run: 6 miles and hill repeats with Team
Wednesday 2/22:
  • Run: 6 miles
  • Swim: 3000m long swim (make-up from Monday) planned for tonight...
For those who are keeping track (pretty sure that's just me) here are my totals for Weeks 1 and 2 of Ironman training:

Week 1:
  • Run: 45.5 miles, 10 hours
  • Bike: 15 miles*, 1 hour
  • Swim: 4050m (~2.5miles), 1:10
  • Total: 63 miles, 12:10
Week 2:
  • Run: 28 miles, 4:30
  • Bike: 60 miles, 4:00
  • Swim: 6850m (~4.3 miles), 2:25
  • Total: 92.3 miles, 10:55
* I'm estimating that I do about 15 miles an hour on the bike when it's on the trainer.  For those of you who know how slow I ride, you may think I'm being generous.  You're probably right.  But I'm also bad at math and 15 is a round number.

Funny to see how much more efficient with my time I was in week 2.  That's probably because I didn't run for 7 hours in week 2 like I did in week 1: )  My weekly running mileage is getting me a little depressed though.  I used to run 50-70 miles a week on average.  Yikes.  And all in all, it sounds a lot wimpier than it feels.  Oh well, trying to focus on the big picture...

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